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Carlos, our city guide was also friendly, helpful and informative. They were very professional and attentive to our needs. We learned a lot of new things about the history of Brazil and Argentina. We will recommend this and other tours to friends and family. We would like to thank you for a fabulous trip to Argentina, Chile and Easter Island. We would like to commend Veni, Nelson and Lili for their outstanding support and assistance. The tidbits of information they offered on the respective countries was well researched, good and helpful information regarding customs, history, politics, any topic we had a question about was answered.

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Winter: Andy A Winter adventure wouldn't be complete without experiencing some of the unique outdoor activities the Northern Hemisphere has to offer, including dog-sledding and seeing the Aurora Borealis. After saying your goodbyes, you have the option to take a transfer to the local airport. The tour is accompanied by an expert local guide and includes all entry fees. All trips start and end with a flight sometimes in a small plane into the jungle. Imperial Park Hotel. All of the above are well worth a look if not pushed for time or money.

The professional and caring guides and their drivers were available when stated, the airport pickups were timely and I especially wanted to mention Nelson who was the one to pick us back up from when we landed from Rapa Nui back in Santiago and he made sure we all knew about our onward travel arrangements. Veni came to see us off on the morning of departure to Rapa Nui and Lili at Rapa Nui was full of anecdotes and I understand she also participates in local dances which were very well received by the participants who went to the event.

In all, it was another successful Gate 1 tour and we will look forward to book with you in the future. Please extend our thanks again to the great guides we had, our group to Easter Island was small and we will stay in touch which is an added bonus of making new friends who share the love of travel. Our trip was fabulous. Not only beautiful scenery especially Iguzu but the food, people and culture was awesome. Our guide, Sylvia, was the best ever. She was quick, organized, thoughtful, knowledgeable and all the time with a smile and patience with everyone.

My trip was wonderful! Gate 1 is the best! Our guide, Fede, did so many extra things to make us feel special. You have my loyalty because you deliver quality and service! Another Gate 1 success!!! I highly recommend this trip. I have never had a bad tour manager at Gate 1 but Lucas went well above and beyond in being attentive to us and seeking the best experiences for us.

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He is one of my top 2 all time favorites with Gate 1 tours. The SA trip was busy but great. We are amazed at how much we saw in two weeks. The Delta Comfort Plus seats were worth every penny.

We had amazingly good weather in these normally rainy areas. Our guides were first rate particularly Jorge, our tour director. Jorge took care of everyone individually We have done mostly DIY touring in the past but we could not have planned and maneuvered such a complex and complete tour on our own without a lot of uncertainty, discomfort, and risk. So far we are big Gate 1 fans. We had a great trip, and Rapa Nui Easter Island was the highlight. Silvia was our tour manager, and she did a super job; not only organizing and arranging our activities, but also because she was very knowledgeable about restaurants and available services wherever we were.

And Gino, our guide on Rapa Nui, was so good at painting a picture of the way things were that we could almost see the Moai being moved to their places on the island. And, thanks to Silvia, we were able to see the sunrise through the Moai on our final day. The trip was wonderful and far exceeded all expectations!

Silvia, our tour coordinator, was outstanding. She was attentive to the smallest detail and very knowledgeable of the area. We never saw her without a smile. Accommodations were wonderful and the meals consistently excellent. While all of our guides were exceptional, our guide at Terre del Paine, Chris, was outstanding.

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Read our insider's guide to South America, as recommended by Telegraph Travel. I'm no longer a resident, but as a traveller, the continent – after .. fine food and staying in double-bed cabins; the train even has a spa car. The traveling low down on tens of nations - South America. A double room in a Rio hostel will set you back over Real or +US$ (although dorm.

He conveyed his love of Patagonia with his hikes and gave us an even deeper appreciation of the area. The staff and crew of the Stella created a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Gate 1.

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We look forward to taking another Discovery tour. Our trip to Patagonia with Discovery was awesome! Each and every day was wonderful, and exciting, while experiencing the most mind-blowing natural beauty of the world. Our tour guide Gabriel is the best guide I have ever had on Gate 1 or any other group tour. Gabriel was in control, professional, courteous, helpful, entertaining, informative, kind, all with the upmost concern for group safety at all times.

The Patagonia Discovery trip is unique and very special!

The tour was great! We had an amazing time in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. It was more than I could have ever dreamed of. Our tour guide Alex was excellent, and the group of people traveling with us were the loveliest people ever. The meals were the best, plenty of great wine. This trip was incredible I feel fortunate that I was able to spend a few days in Ushuaia and enjoy Tierra Del Fuego before the expedition.

Sylvia is fabulous! She is incredibly organized, really kind, and fun.

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She was able to connect with all in the group.. The MS Midnatsol is a beautiful ship that handled the Drake really well.

They organize the groups so that things are constantly moving and all have plenty to keep busy with. They go with the flow and are able to come up with many contingency plans depending on the weather, seas, and overall conditions Sylvia was able to arrange an additional tour to Tierra Del Fuego park following disembarkation as our flight was very late to depart for Buenos Aires, she always went above and beyond.

I highly recommend any Gate 1 trip as they have all been really great. The weather cooperated, we saw spectacular scenery This will go down as one of our favorite Gate 1 adventures!

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The trip was fantastic with Easter Island being spectacular. Veni, our guide was also phenomenal. We just got back from Antarctica with Paola as our guide. I wish you could clone her. We could not believe how attentive she was to all our needs. She went way, way above what we would have expected, including personally calling us every morning to make sure we were awake on the ship, and even helping us get into our gear. We called her our mother, because she never missed an opportunity to take care of us.

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Please let her know how much she meant to us and how special we thought she was! And that went for all nine of us!

I left a piece of my heart in Buenos Aires. It was excellent. All of the services promised by Gate 1 were carried out efficiently and as scheduled. Our tour guide, Rosana, was superb. Friendly and cheerful. Very informative. Helpful to everyone. Extremely well organized. All three places on the itinerary were fascinating.

The included meals were very good. The included excursions were enjoyable.